About Mikki Bort and the Martial Arts Foundation​

The Mikki Bort Martial Arts Foundation is a Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation with IRS 501(c)3 charitable organization status.

Our mission is to provide an educational and charitable environment where children, teens, and adults can come to be supported by a second family which teaches anti-bullying, confidence, self-esteem, and leadership.  Our school shares traditional values and guides students through life concepts utilizing training in traditionally taught Martial Arts of Goshin Jutsu Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, and Tai Chi, along with structured lecture curriculum and formal youth mentorship programs.

Master Mikki bort was a lifelong Martial Artist.  After losing her parents at the age of 11, Mikki’s grandmother sent her to a local dojo (martial arts school) in the hopes that she would find diversion from the tragedy.  She found that diversion and more; leadership, family, and a life goal of sharing that experience with others.

Mikki continued her path through the Arts and soon achieved great respect within the community through the martial arts in 1990, when she accepted her first student at Champion Martial Arts.

The students and instructors at the Mikki Bort Martial Arts foundation give back to the local community through annual participation in the Albion Area Fair, conducting anti-bullying campaigns at local schools, and through many other activities. 

In 2019, Master Bort lost her decade long fight with cancer.  The martial arts school remains active to continue her legacy and let her work live on through her students’ continued involvement in the community. 

The Foundation is governed by the Board of Directors with mission to ensure that the valuable experiences of martial arts are not kept from those without the money to pay for them.